Jalapeno Pickled Eggs

Inspired by my first attempt at making pickled eggs several weeks ago, I thought I’d try it again. My husband had been enjoying them as they make an easy snack to bring for lunches and it was time to replenish my  stock.

Since May was “cold pack preserving” month for the Food in Jars Mastery Challenge, I thought I could squeeze this new batch under that title. The eggs are cooked so I’m not sure they technically qualify as “cold packed” – even though they were cold when they went in – but whatever. I wanted to try another recipe from what I did before (even though the Turmeric Pickled Eggs received rave reviews at my husband’s work) and I wanted a spicier one. Enter Jalapeno Pickled Eggs.

These eggs are quick to make up and beautifully and easily displayed in the tall Ball jar. I used regular chicken eggs from the supermarket this time as I had accidentally bought an 18-pack of eggs after just buying one a day or two earlier (ahem, it was a busy month I guess!). I just made six eggs as I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the recipe.

I tried an egg a few days after pickling them and the four of us who split one egg, trying it out, (we had guests over at the time) all agreed that there was almost no change in the egg’s flavour. So I let them sit another week and tried them again today. The egg is fine but not amazing. I will let them sit another week or so before trying another one, but if they aren’t spicier I’m not sure this recipe will be made again. There’s nothing wrong with the flavour, they would be great for those of you who like a mild spice or barely flavoured pickled eggs, but I’m looking for more. Maybe I just don’t really love pickled eggs? Hard-boiled eggs with no accoutrements are really good!

P.S. I realized last week that I missed an ingredient when I made the Turmeric Pickled Eggs. I forgot the chili peppers, how crazy is that? I will definitely make those eggs again and use ALL the ingredients and see if I love them more. Always searching for a little spice…



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