The beauty of bartering

This is just a quick little story of how I came into some canning through an unusual method a couple of weeks ago.

This month we went to Disneyland on vacation and I came back with a Starbucks Disneyland mug for my morning coffee. We started to realize that we have quite a few mugs in our collection so we chose four mugs to set aside and get rid of. Our town has a “no money exchanged” Facebook group for exchanging items, so I posted a quick ad for the (Denby) mugs to see if anyone wanted them. In exchange I suggested that maybe someone had produce in their garden that they were willing to share.

It didn’t take long before someone replied about the mugs. She wondered if I’d be interested in some canning in exchange? She offered pickled beets, marmalade and peach jam! By now we were chatting over Facebook messenger and so I typed a quick “Sure!” in reply, and noted my husband was voting particularly for the peach jam.

I never saw the woman who came to drop off this beautiful little collection at our front door in exchange for our mugs, but I plan to enjoy her provisions all the same!

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