Turmeric Pickled Eggs

I had never had a pickled egg. It wasn’t a ‘thing’ in my family, and I never knew anyone that made them or ate them. But the mastery challenge from Food in Jars (which everyone knows I’ve been completing since January) for April was Quick Pickles and after making quick pickled asparagus and carrots I thought I’d try my hand at pickled eggs.

They just seemed like they might be delicious, especially when I saw people posting in the Food in Jars community about pickling them with additional flavourings such as beets and turmeric. Maybe it was because it was right around Easter time and we didn’t colour any other eggs this year, but I had a hankering to make (and eat!) those coloured pickled eggs!

The first step was to get some chicken eggs from my nearest local farm, Cast Iron Farm. Their ‘rainbow eggs’ never fail to delight me as they are varying shapes and colours from the chickens that run happily around their farm. I had read somewhere recently that it’s easier to get the shell off of hard-boiled eggs that are not quite as fresh, so I let these eggs hang out in the fridge for a week and a half or so before I made them. (A couple were hard to peel but most were pretty good.)

I used this recipe from the Food in Jars site, which is actually a guest post from someone named Heather Francis. I wanted to make both the turmeric and beet eggs but we were leaving on holidays a few days after and I just didn’t want to load my schedule up with too many chores before I left, so I just made the turmeric eggs. If you’re like me, turmeric is something that languishes in your cupboard for months and (ahem!) years, so I knew I had some on hand!

I used a different method to hard-boil the eggs as I normally have my whole life, and I think it worked based on eating two of the eggs so far. My method that I traditionally have used ends up sometimes colouring the yolks slightly green and this method didn’t. I used these instructions for How to Boil Eggs Perfectly Every Time from thekitchn.com and it seemed to work.

Making the brine and cold-packing the eggs in the hot brine was very simple. This recipe calls for onions in it as well, that’s what you see in the jars alongside the eggs and other spices. The recipe just said to use one onion and didn’t specify red or yellow, and I only had a red onion on hand, so that’s why I used. (Interesting side fact: The onion slices had a nice red colour when they went in and now two weeks later they are completely yellow with no red remaining.)

A few days after I made the eggs (I packed them in those tall Ball jars which were perfect to use for this project) we went on holidays for about 10 days and I tried one immediately when I got home. They’re pretty good but not amazing, which is always what I’m searching for, so I think I’ll continue my quest to find the perfect recipe for pickled eggs. Maybe apple cider vinegar next time instead for more flavour? Or I’ll try these eggs again in a couple of weeks and beyond, because I think they may get better with age.

This was a nice accompaniment to a dinner last night of grilled chicken with a fresh salsa over it. Love the colour!

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