Raspberry Meyer Lemon Shrub

Even though I’m posting this in April, I actually made this second shrub in March when it was still time for “jellies and shrubs” month for the FIJ Mastery Challenge. I told you in my recent post about making the Rhubarb Ginger shrub that I had no idea what a shrub was before this challenge, and now I’m addicted to shrubs!

I did end up ordering Michael Dietsch’s book, Shrubs, and have been salivating over all the recipes to try on its pages. People, shrubs are dead easy to make (so very quick) and are delicious! If you have sparkling water, white wine or club soda on hand that needs a little je ne sais quoi, or have a cocktail fetish and are looking for something new to play around with, you really should consider making shrubs.

Not surprisingly I used another of Marisa’s recipes (seriously, I’m not crushing on the woman but she’s just so good!) because I was in love with the colour and the flavour sounded like it would really work. Still having access to Meyer lemons almost made this shrub a time-limited decision, so I went for it. I made the Raspberry Meyer Lemon Shrub which has just a few steps but takes two days to make.


Well this shrub is gorgeous in colour but truthfully, I wasn’t sure that I liked it when I first tried it. I may have a tenuous relationship with the scent and flavour of Meyer lemons, I’m still not sure if I think they are great or sort of weird. (If you haven’t tried them, I’ve heard their scent and juice described as ‘floral’). But this shrub has grown on me over the days I’ve been drinking it and I’m going to deem it a success. It makes a refreshing drink when mixed with club soda and it feels good that I made it myself and it isn’t laden with chemicals. (Our daughter even likes it, making her, in Michael Dietch’s words, one of the “coolest kids in the neighbourhood”!) And seeing it in my fridge in the cute little jar that I got from Homesense a couple of months ago (not knowing what it would be for) just makes me smile.

Shrubs. Try them!

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