Canning rack cleanout

It seems like spring is actually here (a month too late but I’ll take it!) and with spring thinking comes thoughts about spring cleaning. Oh not that I want to get out my squeegee and bucket and clean the windows or anything (although I’m sure I’ll have to do that at some point soon), but I was inspired to clean out some stored food I had to make room for more canning and preserving this spring and summer.

This post on pantry management was the catalyst. Although my “cupboard” for canning wasn’t full of a lot of unknowns that needed rediscovering again like Alex’s did, I did get thinking about the abundance of jars of jams, jellies and pickles on my canning rack and how probably someone else could use some of what would take our small family a long time to go through. (I’ll interject here that not only do I do my own canning, I’m on the receiving end of canning from my MIL – we have a lot of canning!)

Happily, I remembered that we have a Facebook group here in my town which people use to post requests for or offers of assistance and so I posted to the admins to see if they would take some canning for their food hampers. They replied they would! I was able to box up about 13 or 14 jars to take to them the same day.

It feels somewhat like a selfish donation because I’m making room for making more jams and whatnot over the next few months as we sail into summer, but hopefully the people on the receiving end of these can actually use them. I wish more of what I gave was real food and not sugar-laden preserves, but maybe that’s something I can strive for in the future when I do it again. I like the idea of making some for us and some for others who could really use them.

On a related note, a friend of mine years ago used to live in Montreal and bake banana bread often for a women’s shelter nearby. She was amazed that the shelter took the food happily, they didn’t care about it being baked in a commercial kitchen or having been health inspected and whatnot. My friend used to get “dead bananas” from people, freeze them, bake a whole bunch of loaves and take them into the shelter on a regular basis. She wasn’t trying to clean out her cupboard like I was, she was simply doing it to help people in need. It was a wonderful thing to do and I’ve always remembered that she did this (and maybe still does!) It’s not surprising that later when she moved to a new city she opened a home-based bakery business. 🙂


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