Lemon Curd

Many years ago I learned about Cooking Light magazine and started making recipes that they featured. I had a couple of their compendium-type cookbooks for years, I only got rid of them in a recent move when I was downsizing some of my cookbooks. Since all of their recipes are available free on their website it seemed unnecessary to keep old cookbooks from 15 years ago. It’s funny to think back on this, but I remember being thrilled at that time that I could type in ingredients into Cooking Light’s website recipe finder and recipes featuring that ingredient would pop up. Amazing! They certainly seemed ahead of their time then.

Cooking Light is still one of my “go to” sources of recipes that aren’t too fatty or calorie-ridden but now I mostly do my searching of their site through my Paprika app on my iPhone, so I can save recipes right into my app for later.

A recipe that I started making a long time ago is this lemon curd. Truthfully, I don’t make it often, and it’s been years since I have made it, but I decided to pull it up the other day. January was all about thinking about citrus due to the Food in Jars Mastery Challenge feature on marmalade, and talk of curd came up. It reminded me to search out this old recipe and revive it in our household.


The recipe is very easy to make, no double boiler necessary (unlike a recent lime curd that I made, which I’ll tell you about later) and it’s literally a ten minute job. To use the curd, in the past I’ve made a nice tart-like crust, poured the curd in and put blueberries on top. A great dessert for really not much effort.

This is how much the recipe made, about 1 1/3 cups.


This time I used regular lemons for my curd but I still have on my to do list to make a version with Meyer Lemons. Marisa from Food in Jars has a recipe in her cookbook for one, and so I might do a taste test to see which one I like better. Hers looks creamier and definitely not a “light” version so I’m curious.

Oh, I should tell you that this lemon curd comes with a warning: it won’t last long after you realize how delicious it is by the spoonful. I had grand intentions to make jam tarts with the curd this time but it didn’t make it!  My daughter, who had never had curd before, took one taste and loved it. At one point she went looking in the fridge for it and…it wasn’t there. “Mommmyyy!” was the pained cry. I might have had something to do with that. 🙂

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