Caramelized Balsamic Cipollini Onions

I was getting some fruits and veggies at one of my favourite Victoria food stores the other day and ended up bringing home an unexpected addition. If you haven’t been there, the Root Cellar on McKenzie has an amazing array of produce, and I always end up coming out of there with at least a full bag-full, even though I only went in for one thing!

When I was looking for Meyer lemons for the marmalade earlier this month I knew I could get them at the Root Cellar. And I have a kimchi recipe that I’m planning that calls for Asian pears, and I saw them there too. I forget what I was heading in there for this time but just happened to be in the neighbourhood and used the opportunity to go in.

I wasn’t planning on buying cipollini onions but I saw them there last time I went and this time noticed them again. I was at the Granville Island market last year in Vancouver and saw the cipollini onions bathing in balsamic at one of the vendors, and I’m not sure I even knew what they were at the time. I saw them again recently at the new Whole Foods in Victoria and just had to try them. They were amazing! Why buy them though, when I figured I could probably very easily make my own?

img_1849I used this recipe from Snapguide and it was really helpful. Loved all the explanatory photos and it was easy to follow from my iPhone in the kitchen. I won’t go through all the steps again here, you can see for yourself over on that recipe, but it was very easy to make and they tasted delicious. They were softer than they were when I bought them from Whole Foods, but probably because they were warm. I varied from the recipe with the chicken broth because I just had 1 1/4 cup leftover from something else I had made, not the 3 cups the recipe called for, but this was just fine. (I actually don’t think that all that liquid could have boiled down in the 1 1/2 hours it said, as I cooked mine on the stove for almost that amount of time and it seemed just right.)

Here’s what they looked like in the end:


We had them as a side dish to some stuffed pork roast that my husband had won in a local meat draw. (I know – a meat draw! We definitely live in a small town now.) Now they’re living in the fridge for a bit until we eat them again. Not sure how long they’ll last (if you know, please tell me) but I’m going to guess just a week or two.

Who would have thought that this girl that hated onions growing up (I used to take the onion out of onion rings and eat the fried batter only) would make onions as a complete side dish one day!

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