Something cool for these hot nights

image copyright saikofish on flickr

It must be indicative of my state of mind these days that I came up with the idea to write a blog post about an alcoholic drink. But I’ve fallen in love with the mojito – during these “dog days” of summer – and it seemed appropriate to write about something cool, delicious and refreshing, if only in the hopes that if I think about something cool it will actually make me feel cool as well. (And I’m talking the cold kind of “cool” here, not the hot kind!)

And so, the mojito. I don’t know where I got it into my head that this was going to be “my drink” this summer, but I had one at the Canoe Brewpub a few weeks ago while sitting divinely on the patio with my husband – sans fille, I might add – and it was quite tasty. I took a picture of the menu with my iPhone so I could remember the ingredients of it but later still had to tweet @canoebrewpub to get the exact recipe. They replied:

I was happy that it took less than 140 characters and probably only seconds for them to make my day! (They got back to me very quickly too). We had already purchased Apfelkorn and dug the spiced rum out of the hiding place in our liquor cabinet, figured out how to make simple syrup and purchased a bag-full of “mojito mint” and their tweet was the last piece of the puzzle. Yum. Another one of those “little things” that I can take so much pleasure in sometimes, the mojito’s minty goodness is here to stay in my books.

Unfortunately it doesn’t come without its price though, as I am currently finding that all alcohol exacerbates my recently-diagnosed affliction of excema on my palms, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay. Not that I couldn’t get through a day without a drink of course – I’m not loving them that much! – but I think the appeal lies in just drinking something different, something laced with green leaves that slides down nicely.

Something cool. On a very hot night.



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