Give a kid a camera…

The thing about technology changing so fast these days is that sometimes I end up with old technology pieces lurking around in boxes in my office that I don’t know what to do with. But the other week I finally decided to terminate from my acquaintance an old cell phone and it got me thinking as well about our old digital camera that we never use. Suddenly I got the bright idea to give it to our daughter. Was she ever thrilled!

My husband was working so Chelsea and I spent a morning downtown Victoria, both with cameras in hand. We made a big deal out of the fact that we were now “photographers”. The mission was simply to take pictures of whatever interested us as we made our way from our parking spot at the end of Johnson, up to Government Street and over to the Inner Harbour. It was plain to see soon enough that EVERYTHING interested Chelsea as she took hundreds of pictures!

It was the first time it took me half an hour to walk up Johnson Street one block as I experienced many “kid in a candy store” moments with my girl – she looked in every shop window and squealed with delight. We saw chalk arrows on the ground, she took a picture of each. We saw bath bombs in a window, she took a picture. We saw toys spread out in a window display, she took six pictures in panorama so she could get everything in. We saw yellow rubber ducks, a globe, a green Gumby, brightly-coloured underwear, gift baskets, a white plastic rabbit and more. It was all utterly fascinating to this four-year-old budding photographer. One of the funniest things about our time together doing this was that she absolutely insisted on turning off her camera and putting it back in her strappy black camera bag after each set of pictures – she wouldn’t just hold the camera in her hand! (I think she loved the bag as much as the camera.)

We got up to Government Street and I got her to take a picture of me with this monster outside of one of the stores. And we stopped for a snack at Murchies where sipped a delightful cappuccino and she got a muffin.

After our snack, we browsed in Munro’s bookstore’s children section for a while and then snapped pictures down to the Inner Harbour and watched the Harbour Ferry’s morning “ballet” for a few minutes. It soon became clear that my little photographer was getting tired, so we ventured back to where we had parked to head home.

Once we got our energy back later we went to both the lavender farm in Metchosin and to the park near our house where they have a lovely flower garden. More pictures were taken!
This was such a wonderful activity to do with my daughter, one that she really enjoyed. I just think it’s probably time for me to go get rechargeable batteries for the camera as she turned it on and off so much that day and really pushed it to its limits!


5 thoughts on “Give a kid a camera…

  1. Beth
    You make me yearn for the days when my children were young, enjoying their excitement in a new adventure. Alas even my youngest grandchild is older than Chelsea. It seems only yesterday we were congratulating you on her birth. I must remember this tip as grandson is only 8 and still open to lots of adventures himself.


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