Happy Paint For Happy Work

This past winter I realized one very important thing: I hated going into my home office. It was awful!

For some reason when I painted the room last year I chose a medium grey colour, and over the winter – yes, our rainy, dismal winter – I realized that I actually really hated the room. I never wanted to spend any time in there! It was very depressing. Grey paint … what was I thinking?

So, I went on a mission…a mission to find a bright and happy colour to paint my office which would make me want to go in there and it would make me feel good. I would fill the room with colour.

I eventually decided I would fill it with YELLOW!

Unfortunately from the terrible photo above (it’s hard to photograph yellow with my little digital camera it appears) you can’t get the full experience of how bright my office now is, especially when I open the new, white faux-wood blinds to let the sun pour in. But let me tell you, it’s fantastic.

I added the bubbling decals from michelle christina (whose work I’ve already said I love) to make the room even happier. The clock I bought (with a matching square pencil cup) at Crate & Barrel in Phoenix a year or so ago and carried it home on the plane. It became my inspiration for the whole new, happy iteration of the room.

Now I like going in my office, especially because I reserved one wall of my office to make custom graphic charts. Most of the time now I’m surrounded by markers, chalk pastels, paper and – yes – happy colour to make being in my office all that much better.


And, welcome to new and returning visitors! Thanks for nominating and voting for me in the current Victoria Mom Now “Top Victoria Mom Blogger” competition. Voting goes on until June 11. I can’t wait to check out some of the other Victoria mom blogs too.

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