Addicted to Drawing

Ever since I took the interactive visuals course in early May, I’ve been thinking about and practicing drawing icons. Icons in the graphic facilitation world are what everybody else calls images, pictures or drawings. Basically, icons are small representations of nouns, verbs or concepts that depict the thing in question and – most of the time – the simpler you can draw them, the better.

I’d already been playing around with drawing using my iPad and the Adobe ideas app, as you will have seen if you read either this blog or my business blog linked to above, but lately I discovered an app that not only lets me practice drawing icons, it lets me play it as a game with other people at the same time. It’s called “Draw Something”.

Once I heard about this app at work, I knew I had to try it out. When I did of course I was hooked. If you haven’t seen this app yet and you love to draw or want to practice and have fun with friends (or strangers) online, you should really check it out. I was instantly addicted and, ahem, can justify the time I spend playing it on needing to do it for work-related reasons. I need to practice my icons!

I do like playing with people I know better than asking for ‘random’ partners, but I have found one random partner with whom I have an ongoing battle. (Oops, I guess that sounds a bit competitive of me, doesn’t it!) A pet peeve of mine is playing with random people who don’t actually draw, they just write the word they’re given. I love it when people draw something so clever that it makes me laugh.

Altogether I’m spending way too much time these days drawing to my heart’s content, but I think that’s kind of the point. Life has been crazy busy lately for me, all in a good way, and the little snatches of time I carve out to draw have been a delight. Find me in this app if you can!


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