Fizzy Eye-Dropper Dye Fun

I saw this kids activity on Pinterest and just had to attempt to recreate it with Chelsea at home. We did it over Easter weekend when we were already playing with dye for making Easter eggs.

This activity is so simple! You just have to have the right tools and supplies. First you make up different bowls of white vinegar, each dyed in different colours. Take a couple of boxes of baking soda and spread the contents into a 9 x 13 pan. (Aside: Am I the only one who keeps baking soda in the fridge and freezer anymore? This is a good time to freshen up the boxes if your baking sodas have been in there for several months.)

The rest is easy. Use small eye droppers (you can buy them in a two-pack at Safeway for under $3) to pick up the dyed vinegar and drop it over the baking soda in whatever design you want. Chelsea is now four and it took her a little bit of time to learn how to use the eye dropper – which was a titch frustrating for us both in the beginning – but soon she got the hang of it. The coolest thing about this process is that when the vinegar hits the baking soda it makes a little fizzing sound and motion.

It ends up having a colourful “moon craters” effect! You’re done whenever your child gets bored. I was hoping it would keep Chelsea interested for longer than it did. The Pinterest pinner had noted that it had kept her four year old busy for two hours…well in our house it lasted about 15 minutes! Definitely fun though and something to be tried if you just want something different to keep your kids busy on a rainy afternoon.

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