First egg-dying experience

It’s Easter! So you know what that means…it was time to get out the eggs and start dying them. It was Chelsea’s first time. (And a loooong time since I did it too!)

I had to work with what we had, 7 eggs in all. A quick hard-boil and then dying fun! Chelsea had to learn how to balance an egg on a spoon to lower it into the dye but after that she was great. I used the tongs as I realized quickly that they were kind of big for little four year old hands to manoeuvre!

After the eggs dried, we found some clear plastic cups and some yellow napkins and Chelsea ripped the napkins into “nests” for the eggs to sit in the cups on display. She promptly carried them up to the dresser in her room to decorate it. (It kind of smells like eggs in there now!)My only question now is, can you eat hard-boiled dyed eggs after they’ve been sitting in a bedroom on the dresser for days? I’m not sure I’m tempted but I am curious!

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