From “Big Island” to Gulf Island – For the Day

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to Salt Spring Island for a work-related presentation, and so took the opportunity have a day off on Salt Spring around the edges of it. Luckily, my husband had time off too so we got to spend a rare and much-needed bunch of hours together just sightseeing and having fun.

Although the day was cold and rainy we still made the most of our visit. We had coffee and homemade muffins at a cafe in the morning, had lunch at the Treehouse Cafe (and yes, it is built around a real tree in the middle of the restaurant!), browsed the small shops in the town of Ganges, and went for a drive around the rest of the island. The highlight of our trip was a visit to Salt Spring Island Cheese Company on our way back to the ferry.

A visit to Salt Spring Island Cheese would likely be extra wonderful on a sunny summer day, but it was still interesting (and delicious) on our wet one. The above photo is a picture of the display case with beautifully-packaged goat cheeses all lined up in rows. We sampled several kinds before settling upon the pepper cheese and the lemon cheese to take home. And we added some spiced olives to our order . At home, we dove into pepper cheese, crackers and olives right away. Yum!

As for the work I did while I was there, it was brief and fun. I learned that Salt Spring Islanders call Vancouver Island – where I live – “the Big Island” and that their population swells to three times its size in the summer months. Ganges seemed busy for a rainy day in February so I can only imagine what crowds fill the streets when the market is on in the summer. It’s been so long since I’ve been there (almost five years!), I have forgotten.

I’m not sure when we’ll get back to Salt Spring but I will make sure that it’s before another five years is up. Next time I’ll make time to do the studio tours! This is a fantastic island with lots to offer for a very “doable” day-trip from Victoria.

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