A month of birthdays


This month our little girl turns four and today is one of her birthday parties to mark the special occasion.

Yes, I said, “one of”!

Today’s event will be party three of four, as if they were part of a Borg collective. We had two parties in Ontario with family, one today with friends and will have another on her real day with just us. Oh, but for the fact that I have to go out of town for work on her birthday so I’ll probably celebrate a little more with her when I get back! So, five events then.

So just how much do we need to celebrate the momentous turning to the number four? A lot I guess! It’s all good.

Contrary to what some people might say, it doesn’t “just seem like yesterday” since I gave birth to Chelsea. A lot has happened in four years, and it hasn’t all been pretty. But I love my little girl with all my heart, who she has been and who she is becoming. And the age of four will be just as exciting to witness as three, two and one.

Four is just as big for her as a child as it is for me as a mother. I can’t even begin to quantify the leaps and bounds I have made personally and professionally in the last four years due to…what? My newfound ability to roar? To protect? To voice? To teach? To understand, direct, accept, negotiate, listen, laugh, sigh, smile.

All of it.

Happy Birthday little one…almost.

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