Travels home to Ontario

This past month I visited my home province of Ontario for a couple of weeks with my daughter. While there my dad and I got all excited about him attending an upcoming course with me in Victoria about graphic facilitation, so I thought I’d try out my drawing skills in the image above to practice! I tried to depict some of what my daughter and I experienced on our trip: a birthday party, coffee with my brother, playing at the playground, snowfalls, skating, and browsing bookstores.

I’d like to state for the record that I enjoy going to Ontario! I was actually quite shocked before I left Victoria on the trip when someone emailed me, after I had mentioned I was taking the trip, and said something to the effect of: “Well I’ll assume that the reason you’re going can’t be a pleasant one, so I hope that everything is OK.”

All I say say is, wow. How did Ontario get such a bad rap here on the coast? (Or, perhaps more accurately, why do people feel like they can say negative things unchecked about where someone else grew up?) It’s like Ontario-slagging has become a local sport. I actually purposely booked a – yes, pleasant – trip to Ontario because I miss the snow and I miss my wonderful family. Two great reasons to fly across the country in the winter, don’t you think? (My only regret was that I missed maple syrup season!)

As it turns out the snowfall was limited and Victoria-like weather abounded. We got a bunch of nice days of sunshine which was something I was really craving. And we got to spend lots of time with family including my parents, nephew (the same age as Chelsea), brother, sister-in-law, aunts and uncles and cousins. And I reconnected with friends, including a good friend from high school that I hadn’t seen since she moved to Barbados with her husband and family seven years ago. (She’s back!)

Trips like this are always an energizer for me. They fill a void that I can’t fill living in Victoria. They remind me that a sense of community exists somewhere else in the country that cannot be matched here. And they remind me that other Canadians are able to live for much cheaper than we do here in Victoria.

So, for all those reasons and more, I’ll be trying to get back there soon for another trip. Hopefully people won’t give me a hard time about it when I do.




5 thoughts on “Travels home to Ontario

  1. And we love you coming! Can’t get enough of those Chelsea hugs and Beth chats.
    Remember me telling you about my similar experience when I sat next to a woman from Vancouver on a flight from there to Ontario? She actually told me she felt sorry for me having to live in Ontario.


  2. I recently went to Ontario & Quebec to visit family (in October) – I had never been there before – and truly loved it all! I too have witnessed people slamming Ontairo, or more specifically Toronto, and like you, don’t understand where it comes from. Yes, I think that we are blessed to live where we do (on the West Coast), but I for one would be absolutely thrilled to go back there again someday! Your post brought back happy memories of my own while I was there…so thank you!!


  3. Yes I agree with your mom- we love to have you come from the West Coast! We do not see our nieces and nephews enough!I don’t know where this province-bashing comes from?? We all should be proud to live in this great country of ours -no matter where that may be!!


  4. I think it’s partly the east-west tension that I didn’t really even know about until I went to school right in the middle – Saskatchewan – I was from Ontario. I think some of it is that many people out here have decided to leave Ontario for BC, so it was a decision that must have seemed better at the time. And part of it for me is that I forget that culture and life back at home has changed and evolved since I left as a late teenager. I still like visiting of course – my family lives there – and there are nostalgic things I especially enjoy. But I don’t miss the humidity 🙂


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