A house for Gingy

I realized tonight that I hadn’t yet posted a photo of this year’s gingerbread house (yes, it’s a family tradition) so I thought I better rectify that situation right away, in case people were on pins and needles about it. Hee hee.

Well I think this might be the best of the last three years, if I do say so myself! After the pitiful excuse for a house that I put together in 2009 (where I broke my rolling pin making it) there was nowhere to go but up. Although I do admit that the photo above is showing this version’s good side! I sort of muffed up the other roof side, trying to put my daughter’s initials in Smarties on it and still trying to have the “eaves look”.

Maybe next year will be the keeper! (Not sure what I’m worried about though, we do end up smashing them all to smithereens in the end … and they all taste the same!)

Check out 2009’s version and 2010’s version and let me know what you think – which is the winner? Mmm, can’t wait to get at this one on Christmas eve. My favourite part is the Smartie-laden edges…yum!


3 thoughts on “A house for Gingy

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