The gift my daughter won’t be getting this year

I’ve been buying tiny things this week, preparing to stuff our advent calendar for Chelsea tonight. I’ll admit that I’m not done getting all the things for each of the 25 doors yet, but she doesn’t know that half of them won’t be filled tomorrow when she opens her first one! I’ll get there.

I love tiny things just like my daughter does, so deciding to get an advent calendar last year was a no brainer for me. Half the fun is shopping for miniature items that will fit into the doors of the calendar, the other half is watching Chelsea open them up with delight each day towards Christmas.

But I seem to have inadvertently bought a “miss” this year. And, surprisingly, it’s from Playmobil!

At Buddies Toys in Sidney (love that store) they had little surprise packets of Playmobil Figures. I couldn’t see which figure it was when I bought the packet, the surprise was kind of the point. But I opened it up tonight to see if a) it would be small enough to fit inside the advent calendar (it wasn’t) and b) what it actually was.

Now, some of the possibilities of the figures that we could have gotten were: athlete, chef, rock star, boxer, Uncle Sam and a football star. But did I get any of those for my three-year-old daughter? No. Surprise!

I got the Executioner.

And here he is:

And I must admit that I’m pretty sure I’m not going to give her this to play with in this form! Luckily, without his red Ku Klux Klan-like hood and the axe he looks more like Sir Lancelot than the last person you’d see before your head gets separated from its shoulders, sprays the crowd and rolls into a basket. And so – off with his hood! – our executioner will become a knight instead. It will have to go in her stocking.

All I can say is, hopefully she doesn’t want more of these figures when she sees this one because some of the other horrific possibilities in these surprise packets are: a zombie, the Grim Reaper, Thor, and some sort of mean-looking knight that swings a mace. Not the stuff a preschooler’s dreams are made of, that’s for sure. I’m not even sure I want to have nightmares about this little guy!

We wonder why our society is so violent sometimes…but then some of the toy options parents are presented with for their three year olds are executioners! Yes, sadly it really does start this early.

6 thoughts on “The gift my daughter won’t be getting this year

  1. HI Beth
    I can’t believe a company would put this on the market for small children to discover. Good for you for pulling these out. So much for the magic of Christmas.


  2. In Playmobil’s defense, I think they have a “knight” collection that is for much older kids. They should have given the surprise packs age limits on them, and then you wouldn’t have had this problem. I would call Buddies though and see if you can exchange since it is completely inappropriate for her age. I bet they will!


  3. It is hard to believe that this would be considered a ‘good’ toy for any child to play with! Completely inappropriate! Good for you for not giving it to her as is!


  4. Wow, as much as I’d have had a good laugh at that, I would definitely NOT be giving it to Simon (until he’s a bit older, that is). Sometimes I think Playmobil forgets that even though their packing often says ages 4-12, other younger kids can get their hands on things AND what’s appropriate for a 12 year old is not always right for a 4 year old.


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