Two things that I’ve never done before

image courtesy of flickr, moominmolly

It’s been a while now since I did my Year of New blog project but lately I’ve knocked two more things off of my list of things that I wanted to do because I’ve never done them before:

1. I went to the chiropractor

2. My husband and I made a will

Doing both felt great! I realized that I actually should have gone to the chiropractor years ago (like about eight years ago) – it would have helped my back issues out a lot more and of course sooner. Last year’s pumpkin carving incident was just one example of a time when my back got thrown out for some little silly reason, and yet it still took me a bunch more months and several more back episodes to walk myself through the chiro’s door.

I’m glad I did. The doctor was knowledgeable and kind and the procedure was quick and satisfying. My back cracked really easily and actually it felt great. I got some good tips for avoiding back pain in the future. Three visits did the trick and I haven’t been there in a few months.

Truth be told, the reason that I didn’t go to the chiropractor for all those years is that I was a little afraid. Chiropractry has a little bit of an allure of the dangerous, doesn’t it?  But in actual fact, it’s very safe. And honestly, now I’m a convert! I liked this kind of body experience from a doctor, it felt good.

As for the will, I have a whole other blog post planned to tell you about that important topic. Watch for that to come soon.

And have a safe and happy – and back pain free – Halloween!

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