Genuine Blogging

Tickets to WordCamp Victoria are now on sale! I got mine this week. As I now have both this personal blog and a business website powered by WordPress (and also manage a friend’s site on the same platform), I really need to be at this one-day conference. It’s specifically for people to talk and learn about using WordPress and will be held on January 14 at the University of Victoria. The price is an astounding $20 + HST per ticket. Awesome!

Not only do I want to attend the entire Camp, I think I have something to offer it too. WordCamp has put the call out for speakers to put their speaking proposals somewhere on the web, so consider this mine. Read on to see what I’d like to do. I hope to see you in the room at WordCamp!

Session Title: Genuine Blogging

Session Description:

In some ways, blogging is one of the bravest things you could ever do. You’re putting yourself “out there” for everyone to read and you’re sharing thoughts that perhaps you’ve never shared before. At times you may feel vulnerable and scared – it’s hard not to think about who may be reading your words. You’re compelled to write, but find sometimes that it’s easier to avoid taking risks in what you say or share.

Know that it is possible to blog in a genuine way while still preserving some of the things that you hold near and dear. Come to this interactive session to discuss how to share who you really are on your blog and how to engage and grow your audience by being real. We’ll talk about posting authentically and honestly while keeping in mind the parts of your story that you’d rather not share and staying safe.


Beth Cougler Blom is a facilitator and motivational speaker who speaks on topics related to the themes of “do what you love, love where you work, and work effectively”. She is passionate about being real, engaging with others, following her dreams and supporting others to do the same. Beth comes from the education, public and nonprofit sectors where she has coordinated and facilitated training workshops for over 15 years. She lives in Victoria with her husband and daughter. Beth can be found blogging both here on Shades of Bliss (her personal blog that she has kept for over six years) and on her business website at

10 thoughts on “Genuine Blogging

  1. Hello Beth. As a fellow presenter I look forward to your session. WordPress is a fantastic medium for diarists and creative writers, but sharing ideas about how to use this new space will help us get the most out of it.


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