Red’s in her head

I’ve determined that this is not only the summer of Spiderman, it’s the summer of red. Chelsea has become fixated on this colour and wants to wear it every day. She has two red tshirts and I have come to the point of purposefully not washing them too often so that Chelsea will have to pick something else to wear! In some ways this red fixation is cute, and in other ways it’s driving me a little bit bonkers.

The other day we were shopping for new fall clothes. Chelsea wanted things in red, but do you think I could find red at all in the girls’ sections of the stores I went to? No, not a chance. Pink? They’ve got it in spades and many shades. Purple? Oh you better believe it. That day I got just a little bit more irked that many children’s stores apparently don’t really believe girls should be wearing red. Or designers don’t. Or someone. At least not this year anyway.

My girl, though, is a red-lover. “Red! Red!” she cried (literally) in the store, almost coming to tears in our search for that elusive colour. “I want red!” As much as I tried to explain to Chelsea that people don’t have wardrobes full of just one colour, she didn’t seem to care. (There I go trying to use logic with a three-year-old again – I’m not sure why I do that!) She looked longingly over to the boys’ side where several red shirts were hanging in their bright, firey glory.  (“Red! Red! I want THAT red!”) But this time I wouldn’t allow her to cross over. I guess I was having a moment…or several of them. I spent as much time calming her down in the store as I spent looking at the clothes! (I could have used a “red drink” after that experience.)

Isn’t it fun shopping with three-year-olds? Although I love mine dearly, it’s pretty much always easier to shop without her. But I don’t dare! Chelsea has been so particular about her clothing – it started when she was two – that I’d rather show her every piece of clothing as I’m purchasing it to get her approval, than have to take everything back that I purchased alone. Yes, when it comes to clothing my daughter calls the shots these days.

This search for red…well, it’s just a pain in the head. 😉

3 thoughts on “Red’s in her head

  1. That Chelsea loves red is not surprising to me. She is an exciting, excited personality, always ready for, well, excitement. I’ll be sure to dress in red when we visit. BTW, remember her black phase?
    And the stores frustrate me no end with deciding the colours they’ll carry. When they cycle around to mine, I buy. When they get lost in muted yuks, I shop in my closet until they come back to something I like.
    And this for Chelsea–Grandma loves red, too, and I’m not a boy!


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