Beauty in the mundane: coffee photos

One of the “treasure hunt” assignments of my Superhero Photo class that I took recently was to take a photo of my morning coffee. I had been feeling uninspired looking at my regular yellow Denby mug full of joe so hadn’t completed this particular hunt item yet. But then one day Chelsea and I stopped in to this modern little coffee cafe in Saanichton and I saw the perfect morning coffee shot display itself to me.

The Fresh Cup cafe has tables with inlaid coffee-themed burlap sacks, protected under glass. With a sprinkling of coffee beans included in each they looked like works of art all on their own. But then I placed my vanilla latte in its bright blue cup on top of it all and I was really inspired with the result. I took several shots to get the one I liked the best above.

I have always felt a bit funny pulling out my camera in non-touristy places like a small village cafe, but I’m trying to get braver about this. I’m sure I’m worrying too much (and needlessly) about what others are thinking. I can’t be the only blogger out there looking for an original photo and something to talk about! It’s just another exercise in noticing the beauty of the mundane.

If you get a chance, stop by this gem of a cafe in downtown Saanichton. They brew their beans on site and make a great – and picturesque – cup of coffee!

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