Raspberry Finger Snappers

I so love the creativity that three-year-olds come with! Tonight while having dinner Chelsea told me that she wanted more food: “A yuuummmmyy dessert!”

“A yummy dessert?” I echoed back. “What are you thinking of?”

“Raspberry Finger Snappers!” she squeals. And as she wiggled and snapped the fingers of her hand like a little crocodile, I realized what she meant.  What a great name for a delicious and fun dessert.

So, here it is…Chelsea’s recipe for this easy treat:

Raspberry Finger Snappers

Clean fresh, firm and large raspberries – as many as you can eat
Fingers, washed

1. Place one raspberry on each finger of one hand
2. Pop raspberries in mouth, one at a time.
3. Snap fingers like a crocodile.
4. Smile and laugh.
5. Repeat until raspberries are gone.

It can’t be just a coincidence that she said her dinner was “THE BEST DINNER EVER, MOM!”  (If only I got praise like that every night!)

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