Tayberry jam is the bee’s knees

After reading blog posts this week by Chef Heidi Fink and Zorymar at Panchita’s Recipes, I had tayberry jam on the brain. Never having tried it before, I knew I just had to make it to see what all the fuss was about.

I don’t know why it is that I’ve gone three years without canning and then all of a sudden this year I just can’t get enough of making jam. Maybe it’s because I’m making more peanut butter &  jam sandwiches these days than I ever have before (Ha! Preschooler in the House!), or maybe it’s a case of once tasted, twice as crazed. Seriously, what is better than a hot lick of fresh jam? That sounds almost immoral, doesn’t it?

Well, line me up for confession because today I just had to have the stuff. I went searching with (as usual) Chelsea in tow and it didn’t take me long to source out some fresh tayberries. My drive took me back to Dan’s Farm, a busier place today than I’d seen it before. Jamming must be in the air, and I can see why.

Tayberry jam is the cat’s meow! It’s the bee’s knees! It’s the cream of the crop, the top tomato, the … uh, well, you get the picture. All I can say is YUM. Now I’m regretting that I only got a pint of berries and it made just a jar and a half of jam. Silly me for underestimating the power and tastiness of jam. Back to the market I go…

4 thoughts on “Tayberry jam is the bee’s knees

  1. Hi Beth

    I just happen to grow tayberries and perhaps could start a plant for you if you were inclined to grow them. I love tayberry and logan berry crumble and tayberry coulis on chocolate cake is absolutely heavenly! I may need a lesson in jam making though…


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