Capturing our superhero moments

A couple of weeks ago I started taking the Superhero Photo Class put on by Andrea Sher. It was one of those split-second decisions when I saw her advertisement for it – something in me said “YES!” and I signed up right away.  I’ve always wanted to take better photos.  And I’ve admired Andrea’s photography since I took hers and Jen Lemen’s Mondo Beyondo class last year which was peppered with it.

Now starting week three of the class, I’m really liking it.  I’ve already learned some great photography tips that I can put into practice even with my plain old Canon PowerShot SD 960 IS Digital Elph that is small enough to carry around in my purse.  (Would so love a better camera someday though!) And the course has featured – so far – a couple of interesting interviews with other photographers and shown their work.  We do “treasure hunts” every week as well to try to stretch our photographic muscles. Last Friday’s treasure hunt assignment was to capture ourselves in various self-portrait poses, including taking self-timed shots of ourselves jumping or pictures of our feet. Fun!

Really I can thank my blog for helping me to keep my camera at the ready all these years.  It’s here that I can show someone what has captivated, excited or intrigued me in my travels – or just made me downright laugh out laud.  For instance, although it wasn’t a photo of any consequence artistically, do you remember when I saw Abe Lincoln, back in 2006? (Some of you likely didn’t even know me then.) And, even though it has nothing to do with photography but only a post I noticed when I went back to read about Abe, do you remember when I met The Heart Bandit? Now there’s a superhero if I ever met one.

God, truth is stranger than fiction sometimes, isn’t it? We must capture our superhero moments of the fantastic and mundane, whether they be in words or images.

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