An annual passion for purple

It’s that time of year again, time for the lavender harvest.  Though since we’ve had such chilly weather in Victoria this spring (oh wait, it’s actually summer but it feels like spring) the harvest is late. It should be over by now.

Last weekend we went to Happy Valley Lavender & Herb Farm for what we thought was the last weekend before the harvest but they told us that they were extending their open hours to this weekend.  And now I see on their website that they are actually open until the end of the month, and have free gate fees now. So, there’s still time to go if you’ve never been to this pretty little farm!

Our visit kind of backfired on us because our lovely daughter wasn’t quite in the mood for doing what we wanted to do, when.  And so I got some photos but most of the ones that she was in she wasn’t smiling!  We met friends there and briefly got to catch up with them but in the end we lasted only an hour before little girl’s mood pretty much dictated that we had to be on our way.

I find that hard when I have an image in my mind about how something is going to be doing a family activity, and then it turns out to be quite the opposite.  The idyllic romp through the lavender fields didn’t quite happen as I’d expected.  What a great lesson in letting go of expectations, and just taking what comes. Someday I hope to be better at that!

For my previous Shades of Bliss posts on going to see the lavender farm with more pictures, go here and here.



4 thoughts on “An annual passion for purple

  1. Wait till she’s 12 or 13!
    Still you have to go and do family things. Even when you think it’s not working, she’s still taking in the social dynamics of the thing, the beauty all around, Mommy and Daddy interacting–it’s all learning. Look how great you turned out!


  2. Such an important but difficult thing to do. I’ve learned to do this with celebrations, but when I went to harvest my garden last night and found that the deer had been there first…


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