Now bring me some figgy canning…

This past week I was happy to have a friend over to do some canning together.  For me canning has always been a solitary activity (except for when my husband swoops in to taste the end result!) so it was nice to share the experience with a friend this time.

Strawberries are still looking good here right now probably due to our late spring/cold summer so far so I went back to Dan’s Farm to buy a flat for us to make strawberry jam.  But I also had seen another recipe in one of my books for Fresh Fig & Strawberry Jam and knew I just had to try that as well.  And so we did.

I’m sad to report that I discovered fresh figs are incredibly expensive to buy, but I’m happy to report that the fig strawberry jam was absolutely delicious so I think it’s worth it.  My recipe (from a small-batches-focused canning book) only ended up making three jars so I’ll have to cherish my share well. In doing a taste test of the two jams we made, we decided that the fig strawberry jam was better than the Certo-infused plain strawberry jam.  More depth of flavour?  Loved the little fig seeds that provide it some texture.

I haven’t canned since before Chelsea was born almost four years ago so it was nice to haul out all my tools to get some fresh goodness into jars.  Now I have a renewed energy for canning more food this summer.  I’m in need of some salsa, and probably more types of jam.  (Chelsea appears to have decided it’s her favourite food right now!)

My friend tells me that a friend’s mother has a fig tree so hopefully they have bounty to share. If anyone in the Victoria area has an overabundance of fruit in their yards this summer, let me know!  I’m missing my old neighbour that always had a plethora of plums…

If you’ve never canned before I’m here to tell you that it’s much easier than you think.  My friend who was in this situation remarked that she had no idea how easy it was to make jam.  Can you mix ingredients together and stir it on the stove for a while?  If so, you can make jam.  Just buy the right tools and you’ll be golden to whip up some figgy strawberry goodness for yourself. Or, if you wish, do it with a friend to make the whole experience a little more fun.


2 thoughts on “Now bring me some figgy canning…

  1. Some year we’ll have to can together, when I’m there or you’re here. I think there is something visceral about cutting, chopping, measuring, stirring and cooking our own foods. Gives us a connection to the stuff of life.


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