A girl and her bits

My daughter’s biggest toys these days are actually quite small.  She loves her “bits” to bits!  Any given day you can find her hauling some sort of container around the house full of her tiny treasures: coloured shoelaces, marbles, topping pieces from her birthday cake set, small playing cards, and more.  This week we added polished semi-precious stones to her assortment.

It all began with a trip to Sidney for the purpose of getting me inserts to my Garneau slippers at the Muffet & Louisa store. (To extend the life of these awesome slippers, you buy inserts when the insides wear out.)  On the way we stopped at Tulista Park for a little outdoor play and then went into town to get the slippers.  Afterwards, we stopped for a snack.  Our next destination was supposed to be the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre but then I saw Mineral World nearby.  I next remembered they have rocks at their Scratch Patch and all of a sudden I knew we had to go. Chelsea totally loves rocks these days!  She picks them up wherever she can.

Boy, was this a good call on my part.  The Scratch Patch was a huge hit.  Chelsea took her small plastic bag and gleefully began digging her hands through all the “pools” of polished, colourful stones.  I had just sprung for the regular $6 bag but we still spent at least half an hour in there filling it, dumping it out, counting the rocks, and filling it again.  The Patch’s pretend caves were the perfect place for a three-year-old to explore and Chelsea became very definite about which rocks were her new favourites.

One of the Scratch Patch rules is that your plastic rock-collecting bag has to be able to close when you leave, and this took some finagling with Chelsea to make sure we adhered to this rule.  In the last few minutes though, she managed to find another favourite that made the cut: a tiny sliver of a rock that just managed to fit in the side of her bag.  Clever girl!  She was beginning to know how to work the Scratch Patch system to get more bang for her buck!

I know we’ll go to the Scratch Patch again since I’ve already promised that Chelsea can take her grandparents there when they next visit.  Then she’ll have even more bits to carry around at home.  These days, that makes her very, very happy. I do love that girl to bits!

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