What do moms do?

Yesterday during one of our many conversations while I was trying to paint our living room and Chelsea was playing nearby, she all of a sudden came out with a question: “What do moms do?”

“What do moms do?” I echoed, interested that this question had come up and wondering where to begin in response. “Well, moms do a lot.  First of all they love…” I started off.  But I only got that far.

“Do they talk on the phone and pull weeds?” Chelsea piped up, in all seriousness.

“Well…yes…” I started to respond.  Oh man.  Three and a half years of being parented and this is the impression that “momhood” has made on Chelsea.  I gave her a few more ideas of what being a mom entails, but her first ideas were just too funny.  (Anyone who has seen my garden knows that I don’t pull weeds nearly as often as I should!)

This is for all the moms out there who do so much but sometimes don’t get credit for it…especially from our kids!



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