As sure as I’m pleased

A couple of months ago, my daughter Chelsea enjoyed watching the cartoon show Zigby.  If you haven’t seen the show, “Zigby” is a talkative zebra that’s – of course – covered in black and white stripes.  One of his favourite lines in the show is to say, “As sure as I’m stripey!” to mean “yes” in any circumstance.  Well, Chelsea took this phrasing from the show and made it her own in a way that made me chuckle.

I can’t remember what we were specifically talking about but one day I asked Chelsea a question and her response was: “As sure as I’m blue!”  I looked at her in surprise.  Those were Zigby’s words, but changed to suit her circumstance – she was wearing a blue shirt that day!  This phrase became our joke for a time, as we replaced the word “stripey” with whatever colour we happened to be wearing at that time.  She got a kick out of it when sometimes I used the phrase as well, as in “As sure as I’m pink!” or whatever my clothing colour dictated.

It’s amazing to me all that can happen inside a child’s brain when they are still just the tender age of two.  Children are such miraculous, smart beings; they’re just so quick to pick up what’s going on in the world around them and make it their own.

A couple of months later this phrase has gone by the wayside in favour of other thought directions, but I still remember how pleased I was when it popped up.  Clever girl!

2 thoughts on “As sure as I’m pleased

  1. Hi Beth
    So glad you’re taking the time to collect all these little moments of Chelsea’s. You’ll be glad years from now as you’ll still have them. Sounds like a wee book to me!


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