Hair, and less hair

When our daughter was born she didn’t have much hair. But she still had more hair than my husband, who shaves his head. Some of our friends made that joke at the time and of course they were absolutely right! Luckily, my husband took all the ribbing in stride and he enjoyed Chelsea’s blond peach fuzz hair as it grew in – slowly, ever so slowly – just as much as I did.

There’s nothing quite as nice as a baby’s soft new hair, is there? When we had family pictures taken by a professional photographer when our daughter was around 9 months old, I made sure that she captured Chelsea’s barely-there hair. The photos that resulted will be ones that I always cherish. I knew at the time that she wouldn’t have that soft and short hair for long, and probably never again for the rest of her life.

Chelsea is now coming up to her third birthday and her hair has been cut just three times. Her short blond bob doesn’t grow that fast, but she is due for another cut this coming week. Her hair is now many times longer than my husband’s, but we’ve forgotten to keep teasing him about his lack of hair as hers grows in.

However, the other day in the car Chelsea gave my husband something to think about. He was putting her in the car to take her to daycare and I was still inside having breakfast. He came inside to get the rest of her stuff and said to me, “Guess what Chelsea just told me?”  I looked at him curiously.

“She said, ‘Dad, you don’t have any hair.  Dad, you should buy some hair!!'”

Of course I burst out laughing.  And, with a twinkle in his eye, so did he.

2 thoughts on “Hair, and less hair

  1. Just catching up with your blog. Can’t believe Chelsea is nearly 3! And well done you on keeping up the blog for so long too. Most bloggers I know have more or less stopped or do the very occasional post.


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