Imagination in action

As a parent I spend a lot of time laughing and having fun.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I also spend time getting frustrated or angry, but mostly being with my two-year-old is pretty entertaining.  My daughter’s creativity and imagination often astound me; she makes me laugh so much.  Now sometimes my laughs are just common, everyday, you’re-doing-two-year-old-funny-stuff sort of laughs, and occasionally – I’ll admit – these laughs can almost be a little forced just for Chelsea’s benefit.  But sometimes something she says or does makes me split a gut…for real. Boy, do I love those moments.

On one of these occasions, Chelsea and I were driving around the other day in the dark looking at Christmas lights.  We were keeping our eyes peeled for really great displays and, if we could, slowing down or stopping at certain houses to get a better look.  At one point during our drive, Chelsea cried out: “Mama, look at this!” and I thought she was trying to point out another display of lights.  “Look at what, Chelsea?” I responded, trying to figure out what she was referring to.  “Me, look at me!” she said, so I peered into my rearview mirror to see what she was up to.  In the dark, I had no idea what she was talking about.  “What are you trying to show me, Chelsea?”

“I’m growing whiskers on my cheeks and on my forehead!” she exclaimed, sounding so proud of herself.  Huh?  Where did that come from?  “Wow, whiskers!” I replied, for a moment not knowing what else to say.  “Are you a cat?”  “Yes,” Chelsea responded, “I want to be a cat when I grow up.”

All I can say is, that’s awesome.

Now I have a feeling I know where this cat whisker thing has come from – we’ve been reading a lot of Richard Scarry books recently.  A page in one of her books that describes Huckle Cat’s parts of the body is one Chelsea really likes.  Because of that she knows that cats have whiskers on their cheeks and on their forehead.  But making the leap to her wanting to be a cat when she grows up, now that’s funny.  That’s something an adult who doesn’t practice daily imagination games could never come up with!

Experiences like this one make it so amazing to be a parent.  May I aways be able to stretch and use my own imagination to coincide with Chelsea’s!  This is yet another lesson that I can learn from our growing little girl.

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