No ego around here

My daughter comes out with the funniest phrases these days but sometimes I end up being the butt of the joke. Take the other day, for instance, when Chelsea and I were driving home from being out somewhere.  Out of the blue, Chelsea piped up with the unlikeliest phrase:  “Remember that horses have hooves?”

Once I recovered from my surprise at hearing these odd words come out of her mouth (as we were nowhere near horses and had not been talking about them or their hooves) I said something like, “That’s right, they do have hooves.”  I started talking about how horses not only have hooves, they have shoes – horseshoes – to wear on their hooves.  To which Chelsea responded, “Yes, they wear shoes over their big feet … JUST LIKE MOMMY’S!”

What a compliment from my darling daughter, huh?

I guess I should have known that someday I’d be paid back in kind for things that I said to my Mom as a little girl.  I distinctly remember pointing out her brown age spots on her hands – to her dismay and annoyance of course! Well, turn about is fair play because guess who has the age spots now?  And guess who has a toddler in the house who is not afraid to point them out?  Or how big my feet are?  Or how big my bum is?

Ah, the honesty of kids … and the ego deflation of being a parent of one!


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