Our little character

I’m not exactly sure when our daughter learned my husband’s and my real names but she’s known them for a while.  We usually end up using them (and the names of other important people in her life) while helping her learn her letters, as in “B” for “Beth”, “G” for “Grandma” and so on.  I think it’s definitely important for Chelsea to know our names but of course I don’t want her calling us by them.  She, however, thinks it’s pretty funny when she does.

Last night, for example, I was upstairs with Chelsea and she was saying something over and over again in the other room.  I finally realized that it was, “I’m going to get you, Beth!”  (Don’t ask me what kind of game she was playing!)  I gently chided her that I’m not “Beth” to her, I’m “Mommy”.  Her peals of laughter followed.  Add this to the fact that this week she – sporting a particular gleam in her eye – called my husband the ever-so-formal moniker of “Father” a few times instead of “Daddy”.  This little lady is starting to think she’s pretty clever indeed.

Then, today was a daycare day.  I dropped Chelsea off as usual and went to work.  But at the end of the day my daycare provider told me something that Chelsea had said to her about me after I had left her house in the morning.  Apparently Chelsea turned to our daycare person and confided, “Sometimes I call her Beth.”  Our provider was pretty amused.

What a little character we’ve got on our hands!

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