Losing his marbles

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that I have a little parrot living in the house now. Chelsea overheard me say something last night that turned out to be a little funny in the end.

I was looking around in the kitchen last night for my Stoneware bar pan so that I could pop a pie-plated quiche in the oven on top of it.  I couldn’t find the pan though, it wasn’t in the usual place.  I was looking all around the kitchen in various cupboards and finally found it in a brand new location.  I commented in an amused voice, “Oh, Daddy’s losing his marbles” because of course, I was blaming my husband for forgetting where the bar pan usually is kept.  Well, Chelsea – who is never very far away – immediately picked up on that new expression and questioned me about it.

“Marbles?  Daddy’s losing his marbles?”  Uh oh, I thought.  This may not have been the best phrase to teach her at two-and-a-half years of age.  I segued the conversation into one about marbles instead of the real meaning of what “losing his marbles” means.  But not ten minutes later I heard her playing in the living room. She walked by and said, “I lost my marbles.  Just like Daddy!”

Oops.  Just wait until she learns what it really means … and mentions it in front of Daddy!

One thought on “Losing his marbles

  1. Okay, that is just too funny. I am so glad you are writing down these bon mots of Chelsea. You will be glad you did when she no longer says them because she’s figured out the world. That innocence is just so precious.


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