Random Halloween thoughts…so far

1. I’d like to thank my unknown neighbours a few streets away who created this awesome milk jug skeleton and hung it in their yard a couple of weeks ago.  It’s given us something to visit on our regular walks around our neighbourhood and it delights my daughter every time.  After a quick Google search of “milk jug skeleton” I found out that this is not a new idea, just new to me.  So cool!  I’ll have to make one someday too.

2. The craft above is a far cry from the gory scene of horror currently on display across from one of the bus stops on Shelbourne Street (near Feltham) in Victoria which caused Chelsea to whisper, “It’s scary to me, Momma,” the other day as we waited for the bus.  I told her to look away but of course, as we adults sometimes experience, she found it hard to do.  Her eyes kept skirting back to the bloody dismembered bodies strewn across the yard.  I found it hard to explain to her that some people think that “scary” is pretty fun sometimes, especially around Halloween.

3. I got all excited about pumpkin carving this year and went out yesterday and bought a little pumpkin carving kit.  This morning I sat down in the middle of the kitchen floor and carved my little heart out.  The problem is, I threw my back out a little too!  This old mom wanted to give her darling girl not one, but two awesome pumpkins this Halloween, and I’m now paying the price for it.  Is it too late to run out and get a gnarled old witch costume to wear tonight?  I already have the hunchback requisite to complete the look.

One thought on “Random Halloween thoughts…so far

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