An extra brain

It seems to me that life as a parent is made up of lots of little, amazing moments.  Like the other day when I realized that my daughter not only has a great memory, she could end up being very useful to me too.

The day before, my husband had told me something like this: “If you get to the grocery store in the next little while we need to get _____.”  And he named a food item that we were low on.  The next day, as I was (yet again) making my grocery list (we only go there at least every other day), I thought back to our conversation and, for the life of me, couldn’t remember what it was that he said that I should get.  Luckily, my two-year-old was in the room.

“Chelsea, do you remember what Daddy said we should get at the grocery store?” I inquired, not really thinking that she’d give me any kind of an answer.

“Groceries!” was her first response.  Thanks, Tips.

But then right after that she came out with, “Garlic!”  I put down my pen and looked at her with delight.  “YES!”

It was one of those moments where you think your kid is an absolute show-stopping genius (but of course anyone else would think they’re just a normal, everyday kid.)

It’s pretty handy now having an extra brain around the house!

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