Five years blogging

Me and the skies over the ocean at Hollyhock, Sept 2010

For those of you that are Vancouver Island dwellers and parents, you may be interested that I’ve published an article in Island Parent Magazine’s Family Resource Guide.  I just heard this weekend that the issue is on newstands now so I will try to find a paper copy myself today to check it out.  I’ll post the link here online when it becomes available.

In the article I wrote about my experience blogging over the past five years and mentioned how important it has become to me especially since I’ve become a parent.  Taking the time to sit down and write about anything (not just being a parent) has often given me the “me time” that I’ve really needed, as well as a creative outlet.  I also like having a blog because it pushes me to make sure I incorporate fun things in my life, whether it’s just for me or for my family in general.

If you are new to Shades of Bliss, welcome!  You should know that even though I have made the choice to not post identifiable pictures of my family they surely do exist and give me tons of joy.  I loathe the term “mommy blogger” but often do post about funny or delightful events that occur in the midst of being a parent.  But many times my writing has nothing to do with being a parent.  I like to write generally about the sweetness of life, and things that make me go ‘hmmm’.  I often write about places or events around Victoria or my travels.  I’m happiest when I sit down and words flow out into a blog post naturally and creatively and I welcome comments if anything I say resonates with you.

Thanks to Island Parent for supporting me and other Island writers in doing what we love!

3 thoughts on “Five years blogging

  1. Saw your article in Island Parent and got inspired. My husband has been encouraging me to start a blog, so finding your article was very timely. Am now looking forward to reading Shades of Bliss on a regular basis!


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