Stuff guys know

The other day I was reading The Book of Awesome (which I totally recommend by the way) and I got to the vignette about “the gas arrow.”  What a surprise!  Did you know that there is a little indicator arrow right near your fuel gauge on your car’s dashboard that indicates what side of the car your gas tank is on?  I didn’t!  This little tidbit of information would have been very useful to me over the years, especially when driving – and gassing up – other people’s cars as well as rental cars – and I had no idea it even existed!  But do you know who did?

My husband.

Yes, when I laid the book down and turned to my husband and asked him if he knew about the gas arrow in the car, he said he sure did.  Huh.  How come he knew that and I didn’t?

My husband then reminded me of another time where he knew something that I didn’t (I know, it doesn’t happen very often) that apparently would also have been known by most guys.  Years ago I went to several Pampered Chef parties right in a row and the consultants all made a big deal of out the fact that their bbq flipper had a bottle cap opener in it.  I swear, this little gadget was seen as quite the hit by all the women at the party (and, not surprisingly, there were only women there) when they realized that their main man could not only bbq with that little flipper but open his beer at the same time!  It was selling like hotcakes because everyone thought their husbands would totally love this “new feature.”  And weren’t we smart that we were going to introduce it to them?

Well, luckily I actually didn’t buy this wild and wonderful flipper because when I got home and told him all about it, who do you think laughed his head off at the very scene?  You guessed it, my husband.  Why did he laugh, you might ask?  Because, unbeknownst to all the women who viewed and bought this amazing new invention, every bbq flipper that apparently ever has existed also has had a bottle cap opener in it!

4 thoughts on “Stuff guys know

  1. Not to worry. You are not alone. Not only does my BBQ flipper NOT have a beer opener (why do we need this if they are predominately twist off?) but it was my wife who told me about the gas arrow. Apparently I was not provided a copy of the “guy” manual.


  2. Because of my fear of spontaneous propane explosion, my wife assembled our BBQ (she owns all the tools in our house). I’ve become brave enough to use it, though.

    Our flipper does not have a beer opener.

    I’ve never changed my own oil. My wife is in charge of keeping the tires inflated properly (fear of spontaneous tire explosion).

    I still have no idea what this gas indicator light business is all about. I’ll ask my wife.


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