Here’s to dreaming big

I just spent the last five weeks taking an incredible online class about dreaming big and it’s been the most amazing experience.

Surprisingly, I made the decision to take the Mondo Beyondo class in about a minute and wow, that was one of the best one minute decisions I’ve ever made in my whole life.  Class creators Jen Lemen and Andrea Sher have put together a wonderful course full of inspiring articles, audio interviews, shared art and photography and “secret missions” that have left me nothing short of amazingly inspired after going through it this past month.

The biggest thing I’ve learned?  That I shouldn’t just dream, I should dream big.

What do I mean by that?  Well, some of us in the class talked (in the accompanying community site to the course) about the difference between dreams versus goals, and I realized that I’ve always been a goals sort of gal.  I am no stranger to making lists of goals that I want to accomplish, but I realized when I went to create my “Mondo Beyondo list” of things that I want to do with my life that I have always kept myself to writing down goals that I actually figured were pretty achievable.  The genius of Mondo Beyondo though is that it taught us how to think beyond striving for goals that we know are attainable and strive for the wildest dreams we ever imagined.  To strive for the seemingly impossible.  To strive for whatever will make our hearts go zing and our entire being sing with a sweet buzz of happiness.  So the difference is that now I have a list which includes amazing dreams that I’d like to accomplish that I don’t even know how they are going to happen – yet.  And I’m well on my way to accomplishing some of the easier dreams too.

And so I ask, what are your dreams?  What do you want to do with the only life that you’ll ever have?  Remember, think big

I know I will, from now on.

If you’d like learn more about taking Mondo Beyondo when the new class begins May 17, click the widget at the right to explore the possibilities.

3 thoughts on “Here’s to dreaming big

  1. Love it! Just like you I am a goal setting human being. I have looked at my list several times and I know I need to scrap it and start again…..what was I thinking?? I certainly did not dream BIG enough!


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