Could it be?

Chelsea playing with her new Chalkcloth from Nancy

Could it be that two years ago today, in the wee hours of the morning, I gave birth to a darling little girl?  The cliche rings true:  my, how time does fly.

I could have had no way of knowing then how life would change – for the busier, for the richer, for the better.  Having Chelsea turned our “single” (it’s what I always called my husband and I even after we were married) life upside down, but definitely in a good way. 

Have I ever been so tired?  Have I ever cleaned up so many food messes, dirty diapers, spilt milk or scratched hands?  Have I ever sat so much on the floor or had clothes as stained as I do now?  No, no and no.  But all that is nothing in the face of so many hugs and kisses, so many smiles, so many giggles and laughs, and so many cuddles.  So much to be thankful for.

No one could have ever told me exactly how wonderful it is to have a child, because I can see now that it is different for each one of us.  Personalities, habits, temperaments, body types, words, song … each baby brings with him or her a unique and wonderful combination of loveliness that surprises us each day as we discover more and more of who they are.  I hope I never get accustomed to (and therefore, take for granted) the delight that Chelsea brings out in me.  She is my gem.

Happy Birthday to my little polkaroo.  She is two!

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