When ducks were better than bears

The other day Chelsea and I had some time on our hands so we went down to visit the Bear Wear bears all dressed up for Christmas at the Hotel Grand Pacific here in Victoria.  I thought looking at all the bears dressed up in all different ways would be really exciting for Chelsea. 

While she did seem to like the bears in general it was frustrating for Chelsea that a couple of bears were sitting in toddler-sized “cosy cars” similar to ones she gets to play in at daycare.  But, lucky for me, her frustration at not being able to sit in the cars herself was short-lived and we were able to tour around to see all of the bears without an incident.

Of course, in a ‘you buy them a toy but they still play with the box’ vein, the best part for Chelsea seemed to be after we’d left the hotel and came upon about 40 ducks hanging out near the pond in front.   They were quite tame and probably used to getting fed by humans, so when we stopped to look at them they came right up to us.  Suddenly we were surrounded!  After I knelt down beside Chelsea to make sure she didn’t take a swipe at one of them, another one kept poking me in the butt with his beak!  Ouch!  (I told him that I don’t normally keep bread in my back pocket.) 

Chelsea could have stayed there for hours but I nudged us on our way eventually.  So much for the bears … it was the ducks that stole her heart that day!

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