New words

It’s a lot of fun now that Chelsea can say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and we can have real mini conversations with her about what she feels and wants.  It’s made our lives so much easier that she can tell us her preferences as in ‘yeah’ I do want a snack or ‘no’ I don’t want to read that book.  We have noticed, though, that sometimes she “lies”.  A classic example:

“Chelsea, did you poop?”, one of us will ask.

“Nooooo” will come the response in a sing-songy voice.  But when we check her diaper we realize:  oh yep, there’s a definite stinker in there.  It appears that these days, we can’t always take her at her word!

Chelsea is learning new words every day.  This past week, due to our weather situation in Victoria, she learned the words ‘rainy’ and ‘wet’ and ‘windy’.  The other day she learned the word ‘pretty’.

I couldn’t resist.  “Is Mama pretty?”, I asked.

“Yeah!” came the immediate response.  Shameless me for putting her up to it, but it was pretty cute and nice all at the same time.  I’ll take it while I can get it!

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