A Year of New – #18: Olympic Torch Relay

Many of you around the world already know that Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is the host of the 2010 Olympics. Well, the Olympic flame arrived here in Victoria (the provincial capital of BC) from Olympia, Greece the other day and kicked off its cross-country run on Friday. It’s now on its way to the Games which will be happening on the mainland in February.

Chelsea and I took in the festivities of going to see the torch run with some friends, who we accidentally met up with along the way. We got our flags, our position on the sidewalk, and waited for the torch to appear.

As luck would have it, the “runner” on our section of the route was actually walking instead of running, so the whole thing felt a bit anticlimactic. Still, it was neat to see the Olympic torch in action – it’s perhaps the only time I’ll ever get to see an Olympic torch up close.

4 thoughts on “A Year of New – #18: Olympic Torch Relay

  1. How exciting!! My aunt was lucky enough to be one of the Olympic torch runners just north of Toronto in the 80's. I have vivid memories of her running. My paraplegic grandfather was there to cheer her on, and she let him hold the torch along her route. Talk about inspiring! It's great to think you're showing your daughter at this young age to have spirit and hope.


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