A Year of New – #16: Psychic

On Monday this week I happened to notice that a psychic fair was going on at our downtown mall and on Thursday when I was in the area again it was still there. Taking it for a sign, I went to check out who the psychics were and finally decided this would be a good time to try a session with one.

I had never visited any sort of a psychic/tarot card/palm reader before but all of these women were there for the choosing. I decided to visit someone that bills herself as a psychic intuitive because I do feel that I am an intuitive/empathic type of person and thought that I might connect well with someone with this particular gift. Also I tend to believe more in someone that appears to be born with a certain type of talent rather than someone who has just picked it up along the way, such as a tarot card reader. (However, as I’ve never been to a tarot card reader either I am open to the possibilities that they are also quite skilled, but it just isn’t something I am interested in at this time.)

When it came time for my appointment, I sat down at a small table in the middle of a cordoned off area in the mall’s centre with the psychic. We chatted briefly about the necklace that I was wearing that she had admired and then she told me that she was going to tape our session in order to time herself (I had booked 15 minutes) but also so that I could take the tape away with me when we were done to remember what she said. Laura (not her real name) then told me that she was going to take my hands for a few minutes to read my aura/chakras and then she would start telling me what she sensed.

I have to admit that I was a bit nervous, as I suppose people normally are when you open yourselves up to let others “see” you. But Laura made me feel at ease right away and the whole process felt completely natural. Soon, she released one of my hands and asked me something like, ‘Can I get right to it?’, which I took to mean she wanted to be completely frank with me. I said yes.

The first couple of things Laura said to me were so dead on accurate about a couple of my vulnerable character traits that I almost immediately started to cry. It flashed through my brain that I actually was going to burst into tears right there in the middle of the mall! Luckily, the moment passed and I was able to really concentrate on what she was saying. It’s hard for me to divulge what she said here as yes, it’s quite private, but I will say that it was incredible how well she seemed to know me. I had told her in the beginning that I wanted to learn about my career, and she told me many things about myself and my nature that I really connected with.

Laura told me that I am not the kind of person who just goes to work each day for 8 hours, follows orders, and comes home and does it all again the next day; the word she used was ‘drone’. She said 70% of the population are people like this, and I am definitely not one of them. That absolutely is the case, I would die in that type of position. Laura also told me that eventually I will make a lot of money working for very few hours a day, which was amazing! I have to say that this is something I have always thought was in my future, but at this time I only have a very little idea of how I will get to that position. Laura advised that it may be difficult for me to seek out this type of situation, but that eventually it will ‘find me’ – essentially she said that opportunities will fall in my lap. And they already are.

As an aside, it has been interesting to me these last few weeks that when I said to ‘the universe’ (ie. a few people) that I needed a little extra work to do on the side, that I could possibly do from home or on my own time, opportunities just started to appear. So far, three things have come up that are possibilities in this regard for me, and it has amazed me how right the phrase has become for me that, “When you leap, the net will appear.” What Laura said in my oh-so-short session with her confirmed that I am on the right track, and that great opportunities will arise in the future for me. I just have to be patient to have them all realize themselves in my path.

Overall, I was really pleased with the leap I made to take in this type of session with a psychic intuitive. It’s not something that I think I will do over and over again, but doing it once was enlightening and exciting and it certainly gave me hope and inspiration for the future that I will live.

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