Thanksgiving 3BT

Canadian Thanksgiving was a week ago and the picture I took above signifies two ‘beautiful things’ that happened around this holiday.

The first beautiful thing was that I had a Tupperware party a few weeks before Thanksgiving and got over $140 dollars in free Tupperware for being the host – that was pretty cool. The second was that I used my new Tupperware to hold some yummy stuffing that was leftover from our Thanksgiving dinner.

Now for me storage stuff is pretty cool in general, because I’m a great organizer, but when I added delicious Thanksgiving stuffing into the storage container it just became a thing of beauty. Nothing’s better than pulling out some leftover stuffing a few weeks after Thanksgiving and having your fill again of delicious breaded delight. Mmm, good.

The third beautiful thing? Our lovely neighbours invited us over for another Thanksgiving dinner at their house, and we had a great time. Chelsea didn’t want to try the turkey or the potatoes or the yams or the stuffing (but the cranberry sauce was OK), and ended up running around their house like a girl with a mission but no mishaps occurred and the scene was generally contained chaos. Nice.

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!

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