Oil and water

The 8K race at the Royal Victoria Marathon and I are turning out to be like oil and water. Two years ago I signed up months in advance but when the time came I didn’t run the race. I was newly pregnant and had seen a physio for my knee which was giving me problems. I gave up running for a little while then.

This year I got back into it and completed the Times Colonist 10K in April just like I did two years ago. I got my momentum back and soon after that race was done I signed up for the Royal Victoria Marathon’s 8K again, knowing that this time I would actually do it. (I wasn’t planning on getting pregnant again this year!)

But this past Saturday afternoon I was having trouble swallowing and woke up Sunday morning with a lump in my throat too big to run with. It hurt to even talk so I decided to bail on running the 8K yet again. Oh I know, I could have gone and suffered through it, but truth be told I had been slacking on my runs (big time slacking) and knew that I was already going to pay for running it, and wasn’t looking forward to being further in pain in my throat. So I didn’t go. Again.


Third time’s a charm for 2010? Here’s hoping!

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