Duck, duck…chicken?

The other day Chelsea and I were hanging out (as we sometimes do!) and decided to go up to Haliburton Community Organic Farm on Haliburton Road to check out their farm stand produce. It had been recommended to us that we visit the ducks and chickens while we were there and I am so glad we did. I’ve mentioned before that I’m very conscious of the fact that we don’t live on a farm or in the country but I still want Chelsea to have outdoor “country-like” experiences while she’s growing up. Call me a small town girl at heart, but it concerns me that some kids don’t even know what vegetables look like when they’re growing in the ground, or have the opportunity to see real live animals in a natural setting. So, to see the ducks and chickens we went.

Of course, at 19 months, Chelsea is a real fan of ducks and chickens. I also love the cluck clucking and honking sounds they make, and they way they cluster together ‘like birds of a feather’ going about their natural routines, foraging for food around the farm. Haliburton Farm is a nice little slice of countryside in the Cordova Bay area of Saanich, and they now have a lovely permanent farm stand that is open (now that it is fall again) on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I bought some yummy red chard while I was there, along with a peppery salad greens mix (which included edible flowers) and some tomatillos. Check out their website to find out about their upcoming Hallowe’en event for kids, and check it out again soon when they post their Christmas sale. I attended it last year and saw many lovely things on offer.

Having the chance to go to places like Haliburton Farm is just another reason why I love living in Victoria. Visit it soon if you have a chance and know that you are supporting local farms and local fresh food while you are there. They might even let you see the ducks and chickens.

One thought on “Duck, duck…chicken?

  1. Oh you country girl, you! I remember being there with you when Chelsea was not even born. Great to carry on the tradition.
    I liked you phrase with 'nice' in it–a refreshing way to use that overworked word!


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