Working out at home

I’ve been thinking of joining a gym recently but, honestly, running around with a toddler all day often gives me all the workout I need. Take the other day, for instance, which saw me under the direction of Chelsea simulating some time on a Stairmaster. During snacktime, Chelsea started calling “baa! baa!” but I had no idea what she was talking about. It soon dawned on me that she wanted her stuffed black sheep which she has just started calling “Baa.” After her snack I ran upstairs to get Baa but as soon as I came downstairs again and placed him in Chelsea’s hands she started calling for another stuffed toy: “Cat! Cat!”

Of course I knew that Cat was upstairs too so I trotted up the stairs again to get her. But no sooner did Chelsea have Cat in her hands she sent me on another run: “Baby! Baby!”

Sheesh! Guess where Baby was too? Upstairs! For the third time I ran upstairs and then delivered to my baby girl her last stuffed “friend.” She was happy as a clam but I was pooped! When did it get so hot in here? What a workout! Luckily, Chelsea only has three current favourite “stuffies” or else she definitely would have had to climb up the stairs and get the next one. I was just about done!

Who needs a gym when you have a toddler in the house?

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