A Year of New #15: French manicure

I remember last year about a month after I had my daughter Chelsea I said to my friend on the phone: “I’m going to do something nice for myself every month so that I don’t forget about doing stuff just for me!” Yeah right. Life with a baby in the house soon got pretty busy and then all of a sudden I hadn’t been for a manicure in … how long? Too long to remember!

So this week I decided to have a little ‘me’ time and I booked in an appointment at the Aveda Institute in Victoria. The Aveda Institute is the Aveda school here, and the students are the ones who practice in the salon. This means that manicures (and a host of other spa services) are about half the price that you would pay at a regular salon because the students are still learning and practicing how to do them. I had never visited the Institute before so I thought it would be a good time to try it out and get a French manicure at the same time – also something else I have never done!

The best thing about going to the Aveda Institute was meeting the student who did my nails. She was a lovely young woman from Korea, just here to learn English and learn esthetics, and we had a nice conversation the whole time she was doing my nails. She was very courteous throughout, as was the teacher who circulated and checked my student’s work a couple of times throughout the process.

The weirdest thing about going to the Aveda Institute was that kitty corner to my sheet-draped section where I was being worked on there was a man having a massage in another section. To my surprise, I could see his whole bare upper body and head and the hands of the therapist massaging him! Later he turned and caught my eye and smiled; that was just too close for comfort while he was in his vulnerable state!! Give me a door that closes anytime…

Strange closeness with other clients aside, the service I received from the student was quite good. However, the French polish fell apart completely on the fourth day. Is that normal? I don’t paint my fingernails very often, and have never had French polish. It seems to me that it should have lasted longer, but I suppose I am a little hard on my nails. My hands are in and out of water all day long cooking food for my family, and – yes, I remember now – I did clean the bathroom the night before the polish fell apart. Ah, so that’s what happened! It’s all coming back to me now. I suppose ladies of leisure who get manicures don’t have to worry about the “Comet factor”!

All in all I was pleased with my experience at the Aveda Institute and will return again. Will it be next month for some more ‘me’ time? Probably not, but I’ll still try and remember to do more things for me as often as I can!

2 thoughts on “A Year of New #15: French manicure

  1. I got a French pedicure at the Aveda School this summer and it lasted quite a while…but I didn't clean the bathroom with my feet!
    I also went for a bikini waxing there, many years ago when I was a starving student. Interesting experience –the weirdest part was watching the man get his back waxed through the slit in the curtain across from me. He was facing away from me, so I wasn't worried about him seeing me but I'm with you on the doors!


  2. Hilarious! I was just thinking this morning that I hoped they don't do bikini waxes in the same area! I would definitely not be into having someone glimpse that part of me while in an adjacent section – yikes! Thanks for visiting. PS A bikini wax is something I've never done and it's on my list to do…I guess I won't be going to the Aveda Institute for it now! 🙂


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